W&D Taps:

Aeroflow self vented taps (AFT) in Tap Cap or
with standard ¾" adaptor to fit 20 litre cubes.
We also assemble AFT's to cube caps, steel
caps and European plastic caps. Nozzle also
available to facilitate bottle filling.
8mm Quick Serve Tap, standard ¾" adaptor.
12mm Quick Serve Tap, standard ¾" adaptor
18mm Jumbo Tap ¾" long parallel or short taper thread.
Smooth-Flow (self-vented) with 38mm short or deep skirted screw ring
with washer.
For small containers, eg. 5 litre.
Drum Tap, ¾" long parallel or short taper thread, HDPE for acids and alkalis.
Food Grade Nylon Drum Tap for essential oils and petroleum solvent.
Water Butt Tap ¾" long parallel or short taper thread.
In-line ¼" Syphon Tap - homebrew, industrial and horticultural
Drum Major Tap, 2" BSP. Rugged screw action, ideal for viscous products.
Adaptors available to fit Mauser type drums (buttress threads) and IBC's.
  Rieke Taps:
Flo-Rite ¾" fine tapered thread.
Flo-King 2" fine thread, adaptors available
Easy action Snap Tap gives finger tip control. ¾" BSP tapered thread.
Applications include juice, water and wine. Back-nut and washer fitment
available. Various colours.
Basic Drum Taps:

Available in black and natural. Simple action ¾" general purpose drum taps.
Applications include general chemicals and home brew.